I consider myself lucky to be raised in a part of the world most would call paradise. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but my parents and their family are from a tiny independent island nation, in the Indian Ocean, called Mauritius. I grew up speaking French as my first language and lived in the U.S., Greece and France. This worldly upbringing has helped me see that different people look at things in different ways. This vision has given me the reputation of being a "MacGyver" for solving problems with simple, practical and creative thinking.
As an advertising creative, I have had the opportunity to do some amazing things for many clients across multiple channels. This has allowed me to work and learn from a host of talented directors, cinematographers and photographers. For the last 25 years, one thing has remained constant: Things change. So you must evolve and adapt.
Welcome to my evolution. I am now moving from creative director/art director to getting behind the camera myself, as a director and filmmaker. For about 10 years, I have been creating original, beautifully-crafted and powerfully effective videos and films for my clients from the agency side. So I intuitively understand a communication strategy. And how the right combination of image and sound can evoke strong emotions, motivate a consumer and sell an idea.
More than simply “lights-action-camera”, I work with clients to craft a mission, a goal and a tactical plan that's on budget and on time for every video. Then our team executes this vision with uncommon speed and agility.
The capabilities of Catalyst Content cover the essentials of crew, equipment, location scouting, talent casting, wardrobe/make-up, editing, post-production, special effects, graphics and animation. All these elements are combined with my direction to create beautiful films and photographs that resonate with viewers.